KPOP World and the suffering!


Music is a big part of our life and it helps not only when we are feeling sad but when we need to speak but cannot find the words to describe our feelings. Most of the population chooses mostly american and european music with some small exceptions in Metal music where we can see even Japanese artists being succesful. But how is Kpop affecting the world in 2016?

Kpop is a short-term referring to korean Music. South Korea has a huge industry full of kpop idols,and that industry is gonna keep growing every day. Two of the biggest industries are YG Entertainment and SM Entertainment.



After them we have JYP Entertainment, CUBE Entertainment, BIG HIT Entertainment, STARSHIP Entertainment and many more!




It is safe to say that the world is full of Kpop and that this kind of music is earning success over other big names of the american or european music stage. There are a million and one reasons to love kpop but today we are going to see just a few.



And we are talking about almost 80% of the songs kpop is producing are amazing, they  make you wanna dance and sing along even though you might not know what they are saying. Plus kpop is not only “POP” music anymore, cause if you search you will definitely find some K-Rap/Hip Hop and K-R&B music as well. Furthermore you can even find Dubstep and Rock variations as well.

dean_artist-main-image    jayparkaomg  maxresdefault


If we have to speak about video content, concept and dance moves, those idols have everything. Only if you are really lucky you can find an US singer who can also dance a bit on stage….but thats hardly true anymore since most of the singers and groups in US wont focus on entertaining their fans, and they will use a lot of dancers so the whole act would be complete. Kpop idols on the other hand are made to entertain their fans as much as they are able to. They are trained from an early age to dance, sing and sometimes act. That is the reason kpop M/V’s have amazing choreography and you should give tem a try, they never disappoint.!!







Moreover Kpop is making its way to more versatile content using not only Koreans but Americans, Europeans and people of color to be part of the M/V’s.



Or families! Once you find a group and you fall in love with it you are being automatically a part of a big fandom or a family if you wish. You can also have a name which differs from group to group. In that fandom you can make friends that can last a lifetime if you are lucky enough, friends that love the same things and can be as crazy as you.

Some fandom names you will hear while you are searching are these :

twcon10   V.I.P’s

This is BIGBANG’s fandom, one of the biggest boy groups in kpop and one of the most succesful out there!

tumblr_mhxuazkh2w1qc3ifdo1_500 BLACKJACKS

This is 2NE1’s fandom, one of the biggest girl groups and more succesful ones inside YG family along with BIGBANG.

official-bts-bangtan-boys-army-bomb-light-stick_01-600x600 A.R.M.Y’s

This is BTS’s fandom, one of the biggest fandoms with fans all over the globe. BTS is a growing boy group with amazing dance skills and extraordinary video concepts.

snsd SO-ONE’s

This one is Girls Generation’s fandom.Another big girl group from a different company this time (SM ENTERTAINMENT), with countless fans and amazing songs.

official-exo-love-concert-in-dome-light-stick-merchandise-goods-po-00-600x600 EXO-L

This is EXO’s fandom, another succesful boy group from SM ENTERTAINMENT with millions of fans around the world.

And the list goes on and on with more fandoms to choose from.

79683ff358f17e5a64e08f1bda04716b79b95ac4_hq  20140513_seoulbeats_fandoms

And last but not least…


In Kpop buying an album is a weird thing, it is extremely difficult to find the albums you want if you aren’t from Korea or you can’t find a KMarket where you live. Trying to buy them through eBay or Amazon is a kill or be killed situation cause of the trolls and fake albums lurking to steal your hard-earned money. 

But finding the actual album is a blessing not only cause of the amazing music you are about to hear but cause of the extremely creative casing of each album.

snsd-the-boys-3rd-album-packaging-1  album-covers  img_3370-edit

If you love music and you  like collecting beautiful pieces of art this is a hobby for you.!

ac2a9c2b1ac2bac2afec2af_aiao  fnduz7v

img_9172  img_9155



block-b-jackpot-special-edition  bloc_0410_04

And this is just a few of the many choices you have. To some people this may seem silly but if you are like me and you want to have something more when you buy cd’s this is the way to go. Look at it this way, you support the artist while getting your moneys worth by buying something this well made.


                                                                 PSY APPROVES ! ❤

Thank you for reading my post. 

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