The short life.!

Hello people of the world! Welcome to another ElfSpeaks blog!!


This is Elfh and today I will talk about a very personal matter that made  me struggle a lot growing up.

First things first, I, for some reason, was a somewhat tall kid growing up and even in comparison with the boys in my class. I was also a chubby kid and those two mixed up are not the best characteristics to have. I was getting picked on for my weight especially but sometimes for my hight too. 

When I was about 12 to 13 years my hight growth stopped and after that, being only 1,63 cm high, I felt way too short. 

Having my height has its ups and downs. For example while being short I can use my brother’s or bf’s shirts and jackets to my advantage. I can use shirts for dresses and I can make a jacket look oversized by just wearing it. Moreover my height helped me while i was getting really into gymnastics. I could practice contortion easier than a tall girl would. Even if i am a bit thick my height helped a lot with that.

To be honest I always thought that short, petit girls looked  better while dressing up or going out. Dont get me wrong, I love tall girls and I have nothing against them but for us short girls wearing heels and little black dresses is easier and more fun. When you look a girl with an extremely tall figure the first thing that pops into your mind is that she has to do nothing since she is so tall and that to her everything is easy, but that’s a common misconception. They face the same problems as us sometimes even more.


Now lets talk about the downside of being a short girl. First and foremost short girls need help inside the house. If you are a small girl you know what I am about to say. Have you ever wanted to get your favourite cup from the cupboard but mysteriously, that cup put itself on the top shelf?…and you are there, contemplating if you wanna use a chair and probably break the cup AND your bones while trying to reach it, or just call someone taller to help you with the task. That’s my worst fear…asking for help. I know its silly and childish but I want things to be done by me for me. I don’t like asking for help but I often find myself begging for that cup to be reached by someone taller, internally screaming cause life made me too short.


Another problem us short people face is that we need to be always in the front, at concerts, at events and even when we chilling with our friends cause you know good god damn well someone is going to miss us cause “we are way too short to see”!! 😛 

b60be67e1130751cce0758ddba0687cf  I know Gimli, I know!!!

Dont get me started on the “cute” thing though. It’s ok to hear for a few times but after a while….you just cannot cooperate anymore. Gets on your nerves and you just don’t wanna get patted on the head for being short and “awwww so cute”! 


But after a while you just have to accept the fact you are short. You have to cause God made you like that for a reason. NO one can be you even if they try.But at the end of the day the thing you must master above all is to be the best version of yourself cause we all know life is too short, ahahaha and yes life is short as well! So don’t fret, go out there and make them eat it!!!


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Helps a lot ❤




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