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Are you the one? (nail polish!)

Good day to you ElfSpeakers!!! ❤


Let me grab my hot coffee so i can begin this blog 😛

So today I’ll be introducing my favorite nail polish…well my top 2 to be exact. To be honest when us girls want to have the latest trends in fashion and beauty, but we are in a tight budget and living in Greece (my inner self is screaming ), the usual drill is to look for something more affordable.

But how can you be good, not spend too much but also find something that is not a waste of time.? Well sometimes you need to look for weeks, others you just have to be lucky. This time I was the luckiest I’ve ever been. I am not so much of a nail person any more but i like to have amazing looking nails without spending my money to the seven seas!! 

My story is this: Went for shopping searching for an eye-liner but instead I found this amazing nail polish! ahahahhah that was it for me and my wallet! At first I was a bit sceptical…”What if I wont like the colour on my nails?”, “What if it’s a really bad quality cause its super cheap?”. I am sure you have thought of that before, we all have!

But when I used this nail polish,sent from the Gods above, I was amazed by its quality and colour pay of.

1481186654606 g by glamorous up to 10 days nail lacquer.

This nail polish dries so fast, you’ll think your eye sight is distorted. To give you an example, while I was painting my 2nd nail the first one was already done! I was speechless. You can use only two coats if you want, but the colour is already there from the first coat. Oh and the best part about this whole experience, it retails for only 2,50 €!!!! Are you kidding me ?!!!


Here you can see some more pictures so you can compare.

1481186721559  1481186775740  1481186749185  1481186834502

Everything is good but the only downside is that you have to be in Thessaloniki in order to purchase it. Other than that it is pretty impressive !!

Next I would like to mention one more nail polish, or a liquid quick dry polish rather .

1481186690263 Kiss-Kiss 60″ Quick Dry Liquid Glass in No 300

Since I bought them together and used the Kiss-Kiss 60″ on top of the Up to 10 Days Nail Lacquer, I thought it would be best to show it like a pair. 🙂 


This is a quick dry nail polish and I love using it with almost every nail polish I own. You don’t have to use it with this one though cause it dries extremely fast but i like having super shiny nails hahaha!!! This one retails for 2,00€ 

You can find the Quick Dry nail polish here :


And that concludes this blog, I hope you liked it and please like, share and comment for more blog posts.!!! ❤ 


Thank you for reading my post!!! 



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