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Hello loves! how are you ? 


So in this blog post….i am going to rant about something…kind of.. So lets start, shall we??

You know sometimes life is like a pack of jelly beans. Either you get coconut or stinky socks! There is no in between. That was me the day I received this liquid lipstick. I am talking about the Outrageous Rouge Extreme Liquid Lipstick by Sephora. To be honest when I first saw it and held it in my hands…..i was happy and excited cause it felt amazing and looked so pretty. Still does by the way but the quality ruined it for me.


First or all, the packaging is amazing, it is so luxurious and so heavy. Moreover the brush that its provided is so smooth and makes the application easier than most liquid lipsticks.

You can see some pictures of its packaging down bellow :

1481290674802  1481290701787 1481290717274

As far as colour goes, this liquid lipstick is amazing if you love dark red lips, just like me! 


On me it looks less red just cause my lips are a bit on the pink side. To be honest I love the colour on me, makes me look a lot more white than i already am and that’s amazing!

But all that are a bit ruined by its price and its durability. I don’t know why, maybe its just me or my lips are not ready for it, but this liquid lipstick its way too sticky and it wont dry…at all! So to me buying a liquid lipstick that’s over 20€ its not a smart move. Not to mention the struggle I face every time i wanna drink/eat something or even get it off. Trying to get this thing of is like tying to erase my tattoos. Sometimes i can hear it screaming to me…


I was so sad when I first wore it. After a few hours it started transferring to my teeth and it got even stickier than before. How is this possible??? I really don’t know what else to say about it, the only thing i know is that i dont like it anymore and i cant even use it for anything else. So there goes 20€ just for a cute packaging.


But hey, life is all about making mistakes and learning from them! So I hope you like my post and i am sorry for being a bit down for this one. 

Love you lots!!




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