Being the “kawaii potato” .

Hello Hello Elfspeakers!!!


How are you? I hope you all feel amazing!!

Todays topic is going to be an informative one.

Let me ask you this:

Have you ever felt like the “kawaii potato” ?


If you have felt that way, know that you are not alone. sometimes it’s not our friends that need to take the blame, but other people who think that, us being different from the norm is a bad thing. 


When I first started making friends in highschool the first thing i noticed is that my besties were different from the other girls i knew, they were different even from me. And that was what i liked about them. After a while though some of my close friends changed a bit. They wanted to change their appearance so they could fit in and be like those other girls, we didn’t like at the beginning. 


I am not saying that you shouldn’t change if you want to be a better version of yourself but when you are doing it for someone else, that is just silly. 

For the longest time I was that friend, the one with the weird hair, weird music taste etc. and to be honest i havent changed a bit, i may be looking different since i am older now but still my interests and inner weird self is still the same. 

So you think that by getting older all that “kawaii potato” feelings will go away. Ha! Guess again. I still sometimes feel like I am the ugly fat friend, the one who no one likes. And I guess being thick and having a different body type makes me vulnerable to mean comments and bad behaviours. It is something that i will have to face for as long as I live, cause I really don’t want to change. I love my body and the way I look and i know that i don’t need that change, i dont need to be stick thin to be accepted.


The lesson ive learned all these years of being a “kawaii potato” friend is that, most people are gonna hate you even if you look like a model, but they wont say it to your face. Somehow, not being thin gives people the authority to call you out even if you look ok, even if you love yourself the way you are. So don’t be sad for being called that. Your friends love you and if they don’t, then they are not real friends! 

So simple and easy to just accept that some people will talk about you, even if you are looking your best, even if you wont care. 


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