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Skin care review!

Hello beauties!! 


Today I though I should make a review-blog post for two of my current favourite skin care products. 

So grab your popcorn and lest get started!!


First of all as a girl with an oily skin type, I struggle a lot with which skin care to choose. I know its difficult and different for every girl out there as well, but having to deal with my skin type 24/7 is the worst.! It’s so frustrating sometimes, cause whenever i am nailing my makeup, boom!, oily skin is back it again! Makes me look so shiny and tries to melt my beautiful creation all the time. 😛 For that reason i am always trying to pat my face with some powder but at the end, i look like a wax figure, not a good look i am telling you. So after a very long day doing all of the above, i need a really good skin care product and makeup remover to cleanse my skin with. And for me, that’s the Cleanance Cleansing Gel by Avene.


I almost used it all and I have to say this gel is a miracle in a bottle. Makes my skin so smooth and oil free. It also helps with my makeup application, my pores are looking less obvious and my skin looks flawless. I have nothing bad to say about this product except perhaps its price. If you choose to buy it through the actual website is almost 20€ . But if you are willing to look further for something cheaper I would suggest buying it trough an actual pharmacy. I got mine for 8€ while its actual price was 12€. I know it’s not extra cheap but you can save a few euros by buying it from your local pharmacy.

1481465125265 I love this thing!

You can find a more detailed description bellow:

Cleanance Cleansing Gel Avene

Now lets talk about a greek product.

Panthenol Extra Glacier Face Water is a Medisei product made in Greece. It is made to moisturise your face, hydrate the skin 24/7, tone and protect.It is also specifically designed to cover the “nutritional” needs of your skin, as it refreshes the skin worn out by sun, air pollution and tiredness, boosting it with energy.

For me this water is a big help, since I am wearing a lot of makeup 5 times a week and when i excoriate i really need something to boost my faces energy and give my skin back its youthful shine. More surprising is that i can see its effects on my skin, usually when i am out i can feel my skin getting imitated by the air pollution but the Panthenol Extra Glacier Face Water helps my skin rejuvenate almost immediately.

tumblr_njaf4qkwxa1twyshko1_500 Looking Fresh!

As far as its price goes, you can usually find it around 10€ but as i said before if you search for something cheaper you can find it around 7€ as well!! Pretty good price if you ask me! ❤

1481465101647 Moisturizer of the Gods!

You can find a more detailed description of the Panthenol Extra Glacier Face Water bellow:

Panthenol Extra Glacier Face Water

These days I am using those two products in combination with each other and i have to say they are helping my skin a lot.

1481465145201 ❤

I hope you liked my post and would love to hear back from you.! Tell me whats your favorite skin care routine in the comments down bellow!

Thank you for reading, lots of love!!



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