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What’s like being a Kpop fan.


It’s me! Oh my Lord, long time no see!!

How are you my dear elf speakers? I hope you are having an amazing time and happy late new years!!! 

For this post I decided to let you people know how it is like being a hardcore kpop fan, and how it feels watching your #1 girl group disband.


I know it’s a pretty weird situation so let me explain. Kpop is growing every day and people are loving its uniqueness and versatility. It is quite difficult to understand since its mostly in Korean but as an amazing Queen once said :


And I would have to agree with her till the last word. But being a kpop fan isn’t always fan, colourful and amazing. You can get even emotional with some of the things you have to go through. What i mean by that is pretty easy to grasp. Music can make you sad too, it can make you cry and feel vulnerable. That is what kpop fans are going through right now and Blackjacks in particular.


So to be more specific, as a fan of 2ne1 I am at a very sad and emotional state right now. I was waiting for something new from my favorite gg for almost 2 years and right when they were ready to make a comeback Minzy,main dancer of 2ne1, left the group.


After that,even though I was already upset about Minzy’s departure, i was ready to welcome 2ne1 as a 3 member group. But out of nowhere i found out that they disbanded.When i heard the news, i am not gonna lie, i cried. A lot. Being their fan for almost 6 years is something i have never done with any artist out there. I’ve never committed to a gg like that.Listening to their songs made me feel ok about myself, helped me deal with everything a little bit better. But knowing that i wont be able to see them anymore, or have the opportunity to hear them sing together live, makes me even sadder.

So you can all understand that being a hardcore international fan of a kpop group is really hard and you need to have nerve and most importantly, you have to be able to deal with a lot of sad and soul eating situations.

At that time I was trying to cope with all of that by listening to their older songs. It also came to my attention that a lot of Blackjacks, as well as me, were complaining that 2ne1 disbanded way too early and without any notice. They didn’t even get the chance to say a proper goodbye to their fans. YG weirdly enough listened to those complains and 3 of the 4 girls, BOM, CL and DARA came back together for a farewell song. That song was actually written by CL , rapper of 2ne1, as a letter to Minzy when she left the group. The song changed so us fans can relate with it a bit more and it was posted on Friday the 20th or at some parts on the 21st, on 2ne1’s official channel on YouTube and you can watch it here:


2ne1’s Goodbye has already hit No. 1 on eight worldwide  iTunes charts : Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines. The music video surpassed 1 million views after seven hours, and it currently has 7.007.840 milion views.



Since this single was just a farewell song to some, it had a little to none promotion on its side, but with the love of Blackjacks from all over the world flyers were made so everybody would know that 2ne1 is coming back for a final song.




We can all agree that us fans are loving and caring for our groups as if they were our family members. We try to help them as much as we can by loving their music, buying their merch and going to their live stages. But there comes a time when we must say Goodbye because nothing lasts for ever in this life. Some people think that gg are just things that can be replaced but true kpop fans know there’s  more to it.

Music is the only thing that lasts for ever and when your favorite group breaks up the only thing you have to remember them by is their songs.Luckily and usually members of groups can always be soloists and when it comes to kpop, that is a quite common phenomenon. 

Lets hope that the world of kpop will get a bit more bearable,so we can enjoy the amazing music  without needing therapy at the end of each day!! 😛


Thank you for reading my post, even though it was on the sad side I hope it gave you a bit of an idea of how we live our lives as kpop fangirls/boys !!!

See you on the next post, love you all!!! ❤



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