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My every day skin care routine!


Hello people of the world!!! I hope you are having a great day or night ๐Ÿ™‚ This blog post is going to include some of my most used items considering my skin care routine in 5 easy steps.! Lets get started, and as always, enjoy!!


This cleanser has a mild skin-friendly formula that keeps your skin fresh and clean without any dehydration or irritation. I personally use it as a makeup cleanser since it can take any kind of makeup off, even waterproof makeup, leaving your skin smooth and happy! ๐Ÿ™‚ It is a great start to my skin care routine and i am urging you to try it. It is also a body cleanser so you can have 2 in 1!!!


Panthenol Extra Mild Cleanser




Usually i use this cleansing gel twice a day. In the morning before my makeup and at night after step 1. You can easily clean your face with this soap-free gel as it helps unclog the pores and it leaves your skin oil free and gets rid of any makeup residue. I have seen my face looking extra hydrated after using it and it helps with my oily skinย a lot. If you safer from oily skin and you are looking for something refreshing, this is your holy grail

Panthenol Extra Face Cleansing Gel.





We all know that even after a good cleansing you can never be too sure if your skin is really clean. So I will always make sure that i go and remove my stubborn make up with this Micellar cleancer. It leaves your skin soft and moisturizingย with its mild formula, without irritating your sensitive skin.ย 

Panthenol Extra Micellar True Cleanser 3 in 1



After a good cleanse your skin needs its moisture back, so its best to use a face water for a 24-hour hydration and protection. It refreshes the skin without being too heavy, so I use it almost every day even when i am going out for shopping. A good protection from the sun is essential so you’ll need to add a product like this to your every day skin care routine!


Panthenol Extra Glacier Face Water



When a girl reaches 20 she will need a good face and eye anti wrinkle cream for a 24 hour protection. With this cream promotes collagen synthesis it reduces fine lines and it can delay the formation of new wrinkles. I use it for its amazing moisturizing properties, even if I don’t sleep that well this cream will make sure my skin looks radiant and moisturized!ย 

Panthenol Extra Face & Eye Cream


I hope you liked this post! Let me know about your favorite skin care products and how many steps your skin care routine has!! Love you all โค






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