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So this is not a very positive post but its gonna be a bit funny since I cant take those trends seriously. šŸ˜› NUMBER ONE: CLEAR PANTS BY TOPSHOP Can someone please tell me why?.... I don't need anything else, just the reason behind this creation! I can't say I hate them though i just… Continue reading MY WTF MOMENTS OF 2017 |FASHION EDITION|

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My every day skin care routine!

Hello people of the world!!! I hope you are having a great day or night šŸ™‚ This blog post is going to include some of my most used items considering my skin care routine in 5 easy steps.! Lets get started, and as always, enjoy!! STEP 1 This cleanser has a mild skin-friendly formula that… Continue reading My every day skin care routine!


Are people with anxiety foreordain to suffer alone?

People of the world!!! I am back and I will try to post as much as i can but i cant promise anything since my days are quite hectic! I hope you are having a great time, i know i am and i hope you will like this post even though it’s quite serious. So […]

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Cirque du Soleil. VAREKAI .

People of the world!!! I hope you are having a great day! I thought that my next post should be artistic and informative at the same time so i couldnt find a better option than Cirque du Soleil!Ā  Cirque du Soleil orĀ "CircusĀ of the Sun" is a CanadianĀ entertainment company and it is also Ā the largest theatrical… Continue reading Cirque du Soleil. VAREKAI .

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What’s like being a Kpop fan.

It's me! Oh my Lord, long time no see!! How are you my dear elf speakers? I hope you are having an amazing time and happy late new years!!!Ā  For this post I decided to let you people know how it is like being a hardcore kpop fan, and how it feels watching your #1… Continue reading What’s like being a Kpop fan.

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My dear Elfspeakers, I am back with another review! Today I will talk about my favorite Greek cruelty free company and its amazing products! This company isĀ Macrovita with the Olive-Elia line they have, based entirely on organic olive oil. The company covers a lot categories of products such as : BODY FACE SLIMMING-MASSAGE MEN'S SUNSCREEN… Continue reading MACROVITA Review!

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Skin care review!

Hello beauties!!Ā  Today I though I should make a review-blog post for two of my current favourite skin care products.Ā  So grab your popcorn and lest get started!! First of all as a girl with an oily skin type, I struggle a lot with which skin care to choose. I know its difficult and different… Continue reading Skin care review!


Being the “kawaii potato” .

Hello Hello Elfspeakers!!! How are you? I hope you all feel amazing!! Todays topic is going to be an informative one. Let me ask you this: Have you ever felt like the "kawaii potato" ? If you have felt that way, know that you are not alone. sometimes it's not our friends that need to… Continue reading Being the “kawaii potato” .

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Hello loves! how are you ?Ā  So in this blog post....i am going to rant about something...kind of.. So lets start, shall we?? You know sometimes life is like a pack of jelly beans. Either you get coconut or stinky socks! There is no in between. That was me the day I received this liquid… Continue reading Lip-saster!

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Are you the one? (nail polish!)

Good day to you ElfSpeakers!!! ā¤ Let me grab my hot coffee so i can begin this blogĀ šŸ˜› So today I'll be introducing my favorite nail polish...well my top 2 to be exact. To be honest when us girls want to have the latest trends in fashion and beauty, but we are in a tight… Continue reading Are you the one? (nail polish!)